ADC are useless ... once again

it's annoyin to go back to the old days ... as an adc main i can't feel my impact at all on the game .. just rarely nd ofc it makes sense when ur lane depends on ur sup nd jungler ... nd u can't do shiit solo till 25min+ ND STILL can get os by any fed champion in any stage of the game even if u're 20/0 ... riot forgot that getting one shot is the thing that makes player toxic while making new champ like pyke zoe nd now qiana ... we're the only lane that depends on the whole team to do something we want to be balanced early nd we don't wana be super strong late cuz this season games it's around 25min max i rarely reaach full build as an adc ... so the only thing we got is late game nd still we r around the risk of getting os riot just fix this ffs
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