Please rework Drakes to not RNG based

To this day I still dont understand why there is a random element on obtaining Drakes especially when there are elements that have such a wide power gap inbetween them. Mountain? Ignored. Fire? Highest Priority. Ocean or Cloud? Might get it on the way. Why not at the very least allow players which element buff they want? If you're worried that every single champion would just choose Infernal, then nerf it! Let players choose which buff they want and ironically enough, it will make games more dynamic since champions can either choose buffs that makes their role better or to counter. Mountain: Remove it or completely rework it. Serves no real practical purpose than just being there taking up space. Ocean: Its fine as is personally. Could: Remove Homeguards and make Cloud Drake being the only source of obtaining Homeguards on top of the MS buff it already gives. The passive MS could be nerfed in response of obtaining Homeguards. Since Homeguards as a whole is the only thing that prevents splitpushing from being a legit strategy. Infernal: Nerf it by half.
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