Yasuo broken - Or items?

Full disclosure : I'm a Yasuo main with 666(teehee)k yasuo mastery points. I honestly don't believe that Yasuo himself needs nerfs. Rather, it's three things that make a lot of champions, not just yasuo, pretty strong. The holy tridefecta of {{item:3078}} {{item:3022}} and Fervour of Battle. Each of these items is incredibly over tuned right now. Fervour and frozen mallet is core on Tank Teemo. Fervour and Triforce is core on tank ekko. Fervour and Triforce is core on Irelia. Hell, Triforce is even core on ezreal now. It's meant for bruisers, but it just gives so much damage that way too many people build it. Fervour gives a huge advantage to attack speed based tanks, as it raises their DPS significantly. Honestly, these nerfs are probably coming anyways - My only worry is that the champions hit with the nerf bat, such as yasuo, ekko and gnar, will not be able to recover after having both their items and their stats nerfed. I wouldn't be so convinced if I hadn't seen this happen time and again before, such as sejuani during the cinderhulk meta. She got nerfed hard, cinderhulk got nerfed hard, and now shes a weaker gragas. Please, even if you hate yasuo, try to see the problem here. It's not Yasuo, or ekko, or irelia. It's the amount of damage and utility in items and masteries such as triforce, frozen mallet and fervour of battle.
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