[In-depth look into Varus] Can someone explain this to me?

How is Varus a tier 2 ADC with a 51.13% Winrate? https://i.imgur.com/8cJ0tqn.png I tried the 2 main builds on him: On-Hit build and Crit build, and both felt utterly useless. https://i.imgur.com/thQaooj.png https://i.imgur.com/wE5E9lD.png https://i.imgur.com/BDZGtDv.png https://i.imgur.com/u69UB6P.png Keep in mind to those wondering, the reason why I bought Zhonia's Hourglass is because to survive Nocturne ulting me. In addition I bought Sorcerers Shoes because I saw some high elo streamers buying it and I wanted to try it out. Varus damage feels so lacking that even tanks like in this case, Malphite did double the damage I dealt. Anyway, I just find Varus so problematic in terms of his kit. His passive a boring attack speed steroid His Q suggests poking style His W suggests on-hit, AP style His E suggests crit style maybe? His R suggests AP style Not to mention Rioter R3AVE mentioned that they are looking to make Varus's W an active now in patch V8.8. The Riot R3AVE post on that: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/na3Ko02t-quick-gameplay-thoughts-march-30 Some people could say that he's good because of how open he is to different kind of play styles, but each playstyle doesn't feel strong anymore. https://i.imgur.com/qyPSbrG.png *** Kai'Sa and Varus Comparison So a while back Varus Q got nerfed because he kept poking people way too often from a long distance, and they nerfed his Q to have a longer cooldown. But Kai'Sas W has even longer range and when you upgrade it, some of the cooldown is refunded upon hitting the enemy. Her W somewhat completely removed what made Varus unique, being a long range marksman (though it can be argued as well since Caitlyn and Jhin exist) Her abilties in synergy with her passive make her deal lots of damage, while Varus's abilities aren't always reliable since his E takes too long to cast (makes him vulnerable to being bursted down), Q easily dodgeble. In addition if you build on-hit on Varus (which appears to be the only decent build for him) your Q and E damage is completely non existant and you would only be using those abilities to proc your W passive (which again isn't always that high unless the enemy team has a lot of tanks). Right now there's quite a lot of inconsistancy between what Varus is described in lore and what his abilities are in-game. Varus in lore was described as a "deadly killer who loved to torment his foes with arrows, driving them to insanity before closing for the kill" suggesting that he would like to constantly attack them (on-hit style) and then finishing them off (with his Q). But he was represented to be this powerful archer, yet he lacks the one thing being able to constantly attack enemies safely due to his immobility, and his E (slow being unreliable) for better kiting. *** My further thoughts on the upcoming potential change to his W in V8.8 is that it won't really fix his real problems, I would rather just wait for him to get a complete VGU. Since again when you compare Kai'Sa and Varus one on one, Kai'Sa just does everything that Varus does just better, aside from the CC on his ult. Though I imagine people would argue about all this with me, but I been playing Varus for almost 3 years now. What are your thoughts on Varus?
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