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*(This had been previously posted in Skins & Champion Concepts, but as was indicated by Rito, G&B would be a more fitting place. Rito pl0x. So, seriously, here it is! :D)* #Abilities: **THE NUMBERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE - feel free to flame regardless :)** * Passive: **Crimson Pact** _His old teacher's spirit awakens within Vladimir as his own lifeforce fades, enhancing his powers. _ Vladimir gains 0.2/0.45/1% bonus AP and increased healing for every 2% max HP he is missing. * Q: **Transfusion** | Cost: _no cost_ | Cooldown: 12/10/8/6/4 | Range: 700 _Vladimir drains a portion of the target's blood directly from their veins, damaging them and healing himself. Repeating the process drains more and more of their lifeforce. _ Vladimir deals **45 / 55 / 65 / 85 / 100 (+40% AP)** magic damage to the target enemy and heals for 25% of that amount. Subsequent casts on the same target increase the damage dealt to that target by 30%, stacking up to 5 times. Max damage: **250 (+100% AP)** (150% increase) (Ability lvl 5) Min heal: **25 (+10% AP)** (Ability lvl 5) Max heal: **62.5 (+25% AP)** * W: **Bloodfield** | Cost: 20% of current HP | Cooldown 26/23/20/17/14 | Range: 300 _By sacrificing his lifeforce Vladimir dissolves into droplets of blood, briefly vanishing from the battlefield, before re-emerging to injure his adversaries._ Vladimir explodes into a small AoE and turns untargetable for 2 seconds, dealing **50/65/80/95/110 (+20% AP)** magic damage. The AoE slows enemies in it by 30%. When the 2 seconds expire, Vladimir reappears at any point he wishes _within_ the AoE, doing **85/105/120/135/150 (+50% AP)** damage. * E: **Sanguine Needles** | Cost: 15% of current HP | Cooldown 15/13/11/9/7 | Range: 500 _Vladimir uses his own blood to create spears of crystallized blood. After a brief delay, he impales nearby enemies with them._ After 0.5 seconds, Vladimir deals **60/95/130/160/200 (+45% AP)** magic damage to nearby enemies. For every enemy he damages, he recovers 20% of the HP cost he paid. Enemies affected by this skill have their Transfusion stacks refreshed. * R: **Extravasation** | Cost: _no cost_ | Cooldown: 150/135/120 | Cast range: 600 | Radius: 350 _Vladimir takes direct control of the enemies' blood, causing it to boil and thrash violently, puncturing their own vessels. The blood of dying enemies erupts in spikes, infecting their allies._ Vladimir deals 100/150/200 (+70% AP) to the affected enemies over 5 seconds. Enemies that die during the effect explode, dealing 75/110/140 (+30% AP) to allies within 250 range of them, as well as applying (or refreshing) the debuff on them. **Please leave feedback and discuss -- again, the numbers are not set in stone. They're just a basic concept to show how everything should scale.** END OF ABILITY SECTION. FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THE REST AND JUMP STRAIGHT INTO ~~FLAMING ~~ THE COMMENT SECTION. ----------- That wall of text wasn't enough? Well, here's some more. ##Visuals _(how I visualize the abilities, for all it matters)_: * Q: Similar to the live Q, but with a single smoother animation instead of 5 torrents of blood. The flow will get thicker and thicker when cast on enemies it's stacked on. * W: Vlad will explode in a cloud of blood particles that will float in the air for the duration, then reassemble into his form at the end of the two seconds. * E: Vlad will create a bunch of red blades above and around his shoulders, which will shoot in all directions after the delay. * R: The affected enemies will have violent blood spikes popping randomly out of their bodies for the duration. If they die under the effect, their blood will explode, bursting in longer bloody spikes that will pierce their allies around them. ---------------------- ##Mechanics explanation - author's notes: Still here? Whoah, you either love reading, _really _ love this rework, or have too much spare time on your hands. Here you go: The identity I wanted to preserve with Vlad was the violent, heavily damaging bloodmage that sacrifices his own and the enemies' blood to kill them. Healing and damaging himself were both core mechanics fitting for a bloodmage, but live Vladimir is all about healing and nothing about damaging himself. Basically, live Vlad pays no real cost for his abilities aside from his Sanguine Pool, and thus his heal and his damage had to be regulated. Furthermore, he's not exactly a sustained mage nor a burst mage, and his passive is nice but makes no real sense. **Passive**: Making Vladimir more and more dangerous as his HP drops is an interesting mechanic that's never before seen on a mage. Vlad himself will want to maintain as low HP as he can manage without dying, so that his damage will skyrocket, and the increased healing will help him balance out the incoming damage with a bit more safety, as he nears death. Note that he can deal with sustained damage quite well this way, through his Q. However, as his HP gets lower and lower, it becomes easier for his enemies to finish him off with relatively small amounts of burst (which is where W comes in). **Q**: I wanted to preserve Vlad's poke and actually improve its range, since a short range poke ability makes no sense on him after losing the bonus HP from his passive. I wanted it to be a powerful ability and his main healing tool, however instant targeted damage is a pain to deal with. So, I lowered its base damage and "standard" healing quite significantly, however I gave it the potential to stack up to 5 times for huge damages, especially when at low HP. Letting a low HP Vlad Q you repeatedly at high stacks could mean eating 1.5 times his AP, every couple of seconds (if he's sitting at 1% HP). **W**: Sanguine Pool is such an interesting skill, however it has issues for both Vlad and his enemies. Vlad misses out on dealing big DPS and healing himself when using his Pool offensively, but it's also very annoying for the enemy when Vlad just pops his trollpool and runs away. For these two reasons I reworked it into Bloodfield. Bloodfield can do quite a lot of AoE damage if the enemies stay inside it, so Vlad doesn't lose dps for using it, but the skill confines him in its range. He can still move around in it, but he will always stay inside the initial AoE. He can still dodge projectiles, but the enemies will be able to prepare for his reappearance and try to kill him. **E**: Better version of current E. The cost can actually hurt him if he spams it incorrectly, but using it properly when at low HP can actually heal him (keep in mind that the HP cost refund he gets *is affected* by his passive healing increase, so if he hits 5 enemies he will always heal from it). I also removed the stacking mechanic because it was bad (base damage increase for additional cost is something i'll never accept) and moved its components elsewhere (stacks to the Q, healing to the passive). Refreshing the Q stacks allows Vlad to retain stacks on several people. If he pokes someone with Q but then switches focus, he doesn't have to start over when the time comes to focus the first target again -- he just has to hit them with E in between. NOTE: he can move freely during the delay. **R**: Vladimir's R was traditionally the "fuck your teamfight" AoE skill, that complimented big AoE combos on grouped up enemy players. However it was basically a worse Zyra ult -- I think we can all agree that instant damage and good CC is much more devastating than delayed damage and a tiny % increase. Plus it had way too many similarities with Zed's ulti, which felt bad for me. The new R is designed to still have the potential to snowball an entire teamfight... or fizzle into nothing, depending on what happens during these 5 seconds. On its own, it's simple a AoE DoT skill that will do decent damage to anyone caught in it. That's it. The damage happens over time so it's more manageable for the enemies to deal with, but it also opens more opportunities for Vlad and his team to pick kills, since the targets' HP will actually drop DURING the spell and not all at once at the end of the duration, at which point Vlad and his team could already be dead. However, if an enemy dies while under Extravasation's effects, and their allies have not taken their distance, the corpse explodes in a burst of bloody spikes, and the debuff is applied/renewed on all enemies in range. A careless enemy that sits near their allies while they explode could potentially take damage from up to 5 times the DoT and 4 times the explosion damage, if each ally dies right as the DoT expires on them. Obviously, that will never happen. However the skill is designed to **realistically** fucntion in two ways: 1) **By affecting part of the enemy team and wear them down over time, as the debuff periodically refreshes onto them and spreads to the rest.** In this scenario, the damage over time part of the skill plays the biggest role, and the explosions basically just spread and/or refresh it. No target would eat more than 1-2 explosions. 2) **By affecting the entire enemy team and nuking them, as part of an AoE combo**. In this scenario, the DoT effect will barely have time to do any damage, as a storm of AoE skills cascade on the enemies. As the assortment of Death Lotuses, Command: Shockwaves, Curses of the Sad Mummy, Lazors... Lazors Everywhere, Requiems, Chaos Storms etc. melt the enemy team, each succesful kill will accelerate the rest, if the enemies are standing close together. It should be a glorious accelerating cadence: "Splat... Splat. Splat, splatsplat. _Ace_." ---------------------- **Leave a comment below!** {{champion:8}}
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