URF - Ultra Rapid Fire (Permanent Mode)

Hi. As you can conclude by title, and as i saw through gaming and reading on web, there is bunch of players wishing this mode become permanent. I saw reasons why it isnt. Mostly because normal, or ranked mode becomes less playable. Biger queue time for that modes. So by my opinion is that people will maybee play more URF, but later they wont, because for them will become like ARAM, so everything will be normal after some time. But if not, and if people like to play more URF than normal mode, than why you RIot dont just put Ranked URF? Me personaly dont like normal mode, because its to long and to slow compared to URF. Also other things like no mana and low cooldown are also benefits which i like from URF. I actualy rarely play LoL if there is no URF mode. Also as i know many people like me, just wait URF to be released, than they come back in game. So as i see, by making URF permanent mode, you Riot can only benefit. More players will return. Also if you will make URF permanent, than dont make ARURF, bc that sucks. That random champions are so boring, because i have only few of champions which i realy like to play with. If i enter the game with champion which i dont like, i have no will to play, to study champion, so i just die trilion of times, waiting for round to end. This is simple game and i dont need some super PC to run it, also its free and its for 5*. But do something about that URF if people like it like that. If you are not willing to make it permanent, than put it much more times like in a rotating game mode, because only 2 times per year truly sucks. Im older player, and im writing this message, not some 15yo kid. So there are bunch of reasons as i already mention some of them, but now i will mention every reason which now comes to my mind, why i love URF and why i am sending this message and waisting my energy on this message. So these are my reasons: - Faster games - Shorter lenght per match - No mana - Reduced cooldowns - More adrenalin - I can use more ultimate which is awesome especialy if you have some nice skin like me with Lux or Teemo or Ashe or... - Play more relaxed and people dont stress much - More dynamic ingame - Some champions are much better and more useful than thay are in normal mode - Its not boring (for me) So there are probably more reasons, but im lazy to think anymore, because even this is to much from me. So Riot consider if not about permanent URF, than at least put it much more times in rotating game mode schedule. Tnx & gl with the game.
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