Can we make it so JG isnt the only thing that matters in the early game?

Im honestly beyond sick of losing games in high diamond because of 1 player difference. You can win with a bad adc You can win with a bad support You can win with a bad top laner You can still win with a bad mid (sgnificantly harder though) You basically cannot win with a bad jungler though (i win like what, 1 game out of 20 when i get a bad jungler? the game basically just ends 10 minutes in) I have had countless games where its like, top winning the 1v1 matchup, mid even, and bot winning the 2v2, then 10 minutes and ganks later, every lane is now losing because we have an auto fill jungler (whos either afk farming or feeding every lane) and theirs isnt, and by 20 we are FFing what should be an easy game because we got a auto fill jungler instead of auto fill any other lane. Its too much game impact in the early game for a single player, when the game is supposed to be a team game
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