TSM v Ekko Fox

Ok the biggest two problems I have with this particular match, and TSM in general atm, are: 1. Ezreal - This champ is getting first picked by soo many NA teams yet it is consistently losing games, its a real head scratcher. Sure, if the champ gets fed against a team full of squishy carries (read: solo queue) it looks broken, but against teams with tanks (read: professional play) who rush warmogs, your poke means nothing, you're never gonna land enough Qs on the backline to actually matter, and when your team goes all-in on a teamfight, Ezreal is complete garbage without landing poke first. PLEASE stop picking this champion, you WILL lose games with it. 2. Bjergsen picking/playing Malzahar - I understand you pick Malz b.c of spellshield and safe, non-interactive waveclear versus Zoe but... Cmon dude you're Bjergesen, you're supposed to be a massive mid-lane carry. Pick something aggressive like LB or Kassadin and WIN YOUR LANE against Fenix Zoe. Picking Malzahar there was pretty much GG in my mind, and just shows that TSM has no confidence and no desire to be aggressive. TSM look like such a bland team atm, seems like they've taken their "jungler get wards don't do aggressive things" and spread it to pretty much every lane. Sad times indeed.

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