Seeing how good the Dark Star mode is makes me want to say just one thing to Riot Designers.

[]( Good job! Seriously, this mode checks everything off the 'what we want from a Random Game Mode' list. 1. Is it fun? Yes. Many people are enjoying it and the mode is popular. 2. Does it feel unique and fresh? The mode has a new, smaller, destroyed version of red team base with a MOTHERFUCKING BLACK HOLE in the middle. The game's mechanics have been tinkered so much in this mode that it feels like a new game altogether. 3. Does the game feel fair for both teams? Definitely. You're playing the same champions, are not burdened by runes/masteries, and the game mode itself does not have a steep learning curve, so Thresh players and new players do not really divert far from the norm in terms of skill. ______ So why am I making this post? Sadly, I'm not here to sing praises for your successes and walk out. I am here to give you some advice: #When it comes to coming up with game modes, GO CRAZY! The risk you guys took with this mode led to what is arguably the best game mode I have ever seen and played. Game modes like BMB, URF (this one is good but not perfect, sadly), and now Dark Star are modes that take the game, pull it apart and stretch it like taffy, and mold it into something we can all enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next.
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