It's not for you.

It gets tiring having to repeat this every single time there's a rework of any kind, but I will: The rework is not for you, if you like the version of the champion _that's in need of a rework_. It's for everyone else. If you _like_ something that's a problem for the game, or a problem for balance, or a problem for the company's profits, or simply outdated, then their decision to change it is clearly not _intended_ to be in line with your desires. Edit: For anyone who thinks I mean Pantheon, this was actually in reference to the hopefully upcoming Aurelion Sol changes. Changes which look like they're finally trying to salvage his gimmick into a working kit. I actually haven't seen any complaints about Pantheon. Probably because as far as what you _do_ with him goes, the only thing they're changing is how the Q works, and no one's complaining about that since the minion aggro changes a while back screwed it over anyway.
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