Fear of Tank Metas vs What We Have Now

So... which is it? Everyone complains that dying in 0.28 seconds is terrible, but then you talk about buffing the only two classes designed to STOP damage dealers from simply having their way... and everyone QQs about that, too. There is one simple truth, and only one: Either A: Tanks (and enchanters) are strong enough to do their jobs, and be monsters that keep the damage dealers apart via various devices - hoping for better initiation and team positioning. Or B: They are not strong enough to do their jobs, and damage dealers roam around doing what every they want. Both cannot be true at the same time. ------------------------- You complained about the Tank Metas and Enchanter Metas. (Which were itemization metas. Nothing to do with the actual classes.) They nerfed the items, but they still felt TOO HARD to deal with!!!!! So they nerfed the classes as well. But you people STILL needed ways to "deal with tanks" because they were "really hard to kill, QQ!!" You got Conqueror. Finally people complained they were useless, and needed to do more damage to feel viable, and you learned exactly how hard Tanks and Juggernauts were designed to scale if they ever built damage. I.E. Galio, Malphite, Alistair, J4 and others. Now EVERYBODY does too much damage which illicits many a QQ, and any talk of bringing the old classes back to standing to start doing their jobs again also gets much QQing. Pick one, or shut up. You can't just want your pet role to feel better, without having a challenge from the other roles. That's what a MOBA is all about. Every champion should be challenging to deal with in it's own right.
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