Look at my match history and tell me skill matters in League of Legends.

Do it. Convince me that skill matters. Game 1: I'm 9/0 mid as Malzahar versus my hard counter. I win. Top and jungle feed like crazy. They try to two man baron twice and get it stolen twice. Meanwhile I'm defending inhibiters solo as Malz again'st master yi. Better mid won what can I say. Game 2: Melee range Ezrael in lane. Sums up that game. Game 3: I win lane and go 2/0 BOt lane is 0/11, jungle is 0/4, top is 0/6. I should have played better what can I say. Like seriously. Does skill not matter in platinum at all this season? It's so fucking ridiculous that stupid teammates lose you the game so fucking hard even when you're massively ahead.

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