Please help me out, I am at my breaking point

I just don't know what to do. No matter what I try, no matter how I play, no matter what I try to do, the result is always the same. Loss after loss, loss after loss. The result is always the same. My personal performance does not matter, whether I play godly or just feed, the result is always the same. It's like I am wasting my time at this game and I am this close to uninstalling. And I do not feed. Do I play well? No. I am still new to the game and I have dropped to silver V so it means I am doing something wrong. But towards the end match score sheet, I usually have least deaths. There is always someone who is 1/8 whether it is the mid lane, adc, jg or top. I just can't believe it, that every game I play I am utterly outclassed.I just don't know what to do. And if you guys want to talk about duos,I do not like them. If I get a good ADC, their egos are so high it just pisses me off. I teamed up with one, and he was insulting me for no reason at all. Calling me a little shit, called me a wierdo and told me that I am a degenerate because I do not own a mic. I just can't take it
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