Hi,I am going to start logging every game where I have a troll or afk.

Remakes do not count as the system in place for remakes works well enough for me. Though as I have been playing this season the number of trolls and the lack of care is ruining the gameplay for me. I want to be able to load into a game of solo/duo and not auto lose due to a person having a bad mental health day. So for my sanity, I'm going to just keep a log of how many trolls or afks i get for the rest of the season. I will put the date and what happened. This is mostly to just show how often this can and does happen. While I may be just unlucky I don't even care anymore. I will play and play but im tired of not even getting the chance to play a match out. These are only ranked solo/duo matches as well. 4/27/2019 Kogmaw stands in jg all game cause top picked thresh. First game of the day 4/28/2019 Lucian is not doing well so he leaves the game comes back but still just afk's in well after pushing out but since rengar and I were ahead we won the game. 4/30/2019 Shyvana played for for the first 20 then she makes a bad rift call by herself and gets caught. After she just int's
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