"You're just mad because botlane has diversity now. Shut up, ADC mains." Ft. Caitlyn PART TWO

Part One explained why Caitlyn, among other traditional sustained damage dealers, are failing at the moment. Part Two will be explaining what changes can be done, not just to ADCs, but to the game in general. The reason is that this ADC problem isn't just because of "Caitlyn's nerf to her Q damage past the first target". It is not because ADC mains are "used to one-shotting everyone with Stattik Shiv". Before we move onto Part Two, I'd like to address Part One. -------- I got a lot of downvotes and arguments in Part One. Most of the arguments revolve around one of the following topics: "Look at this successful ADC: {{champion:145}}" "ADCs were powerful for so long you're just not used to that power anymore" "Yes, you are indeed mad that botlane has diversity now." "ADCs are super broken lategame, as they should be." I will be addressing ALL of these points, and be explaining why traditional sustained damage dealers like Caitlyn are failing. Besides, out of all of these points, only the last one is a valid argument. -------------------- First of all, I will be addressing Kaisa, the Abomination of the Void. Kaisa is a Mobile/Burst Assassin/Sustained damage dealer/Tank killer. Do not even TRY to lump Caitlyn, Varus, and Xayah with Kaisa. None of these three have ways to engage like a Yasuo on steroids. Kaisa is like Varus, but stronger. Caitlyn and Xayah share no resemblance to Kaisa. What she deals is not "sustained damage", what she deals is "oppressive mixed damage mixed with mobility mixed with burst mixed with invisibility." Do not try to tell me that Kaisa is a typical Crit ADC that can't possibly survive early game. Caitlyn, Varus, and Xayah rely on dealing sustained damage, and setting up their surroundings. Providing peel is possible with each of these champions, and they are all team oriented in some form. Kaisa zooms in once someone lands any form of hard CC, and then proceeds to brutally assassinate everyone before running out of there with invisibility. If anyone chases her, she has an attack steroid now, so you'd better not. If you wanted to argue with Vayne, who is still struggling, although not as much as other ADCs, the reason lies in her ability to run on-hit builds through abuse of Press the Attack combined with her W Passive, Silver Bolts, effectively providing a small initial burst of damage up front, and increased damage from both on-hit sources and her basic attacks afterwards, compounded with her ultimate's AD steroid. In any normal meta, this combination would be busted and Vayne would have to be nerfed. However, with the current state of Crit items, she just tries her best to made do with On-hit items until late game, relying on the abuse of combinations of her kit. -------------------------------- Next, I will be addressing the whole "ur used to power" argument. I would like to say, I am talking about sustained damage dealers. Before, their sustained damage was very high, and items like Statikk Shiv and the amount of damage provided from IE made the damage even worse, essentially making ADCs similar to Crit Assassins from range. This obviously wasn't healthy, and Riot did a good job in nerfing them to death. However, the problem with ADC power now is that that power of bursting unhealthy amounts is present in other items now. Move aside Statikk Shiv, welcome Blade of Draktharr and Stormrazor! This is the reason Jhin and Miss Fortune are so strong at the moment as well. Jhin and Miss Fortune now possess the power all ADCs USED to have, and this is why they are so powerful at the moment. However, they are the ONLY ADCs to possess such power, as opposed to formerly the ENTIRE ADC class, which is why not as much attention is being paid to them. Since all this massive damage has finally reached assassins and MF and Jhin, this means that they can get their power spikes MUCH faster, with only 1 or 2 items, as opposed to ADCs, who require 3-4. Once Assassins reach that level of power, they can proceed to snowball when going botlane, which is why there are so many other Bot Laners being played Bot. Let's use Zed as an example. Zed gets Blade of Draktharr, and wants to come bot to boost his R steroid. Morgana has a 3 second snare. Zed can either waste his W to dodge it, waste his flash to dodge it, or disengage entirely. Caitlyn has a tiny trap and an E. Once Zed sees that trap, he can waste 0.2 seconds going around it, or do any of the above to save time. Ultimately, Caitlyn doesn't have many tools to her disposal once an assassin actually reaches her. Varus can do the same thing as Morgana, but it 1. Wastes his ult, and 2. Is a less potent snare. It's not just that the power was taken away from ADCs without compensation. That would have been fine on its own. However, the power has actually migrated to other items that belong to champions that counter the very champions that had power stripped from them, leading to a big power imbalance. If you want to talk about Kaisa, Kaisa is an abomination who's design team was clearly not thinking straight, and there are several boards already on the LOL Boards that discuss this. She isn't affected because of how overloaded she is, just like Irelia, but ADC. (not even AD always) -------- Third, I'd like to address the personal attacks. "No offense but you're self entitled and you're just mad botlane diversity exists." I have said this multiple times, and I have provided rationale that I am NOT mad diversity exists in Bot Lane. Believe it or not, I am fine with a Yasuo going bot, and trading range for temporary safety, and increased damage up close. Those are personal tradeoffs, and while it may be skewed, at least Yasuo sacrifices some things while going bot as an AD Carry. Now compare that to someone like Swain, who still has range, still deals damage, has more consistent CC, has more healing, has an Ult that provides healing AND damage, and can take that power earlier than other ADCs? Swain trades NEARLY NOTHING in return for more damage, more healing, and more reliable cc. Sure he has to aim his Q in the general vicinity of someone, but any monkey with half a brain can do that. His W is meant to be used in conjunction with CC, and supports like Rakan provide plenty of that. Vladimir is much in the same boat as Swain, but with less focus on damage, and more focus on out-sustaining and poking down enemies. This isn't diversity, this is oppression. It's like saying "Christopher Columbus coming to the Americas and spreading smallpox, enslaving Native Americans, and killing them off when they wouldn't obey was introducing diversity to the Americas through the introduction of Caucasians." Introducing more champions to Bot Lane is fine, but they can't just shove out all the champs already there. -------------- Finally, the only valid argument: "ADCs are now good late game, where they should be." Yes, you are correct. They are good late game. This argument holds a lot of weight, because it is true. This is also a model of what sustained carries like Caitlyn, Varus, Tristana, and others should be able to do. Indeed, once it reaches late game, ADCs like Caitlyn, (not so much Varus he's just being shit on at this point), Tristana are able to carry really hard! There is one problem. where da fuq IS the late game. You see, in those 5% of cases when a game reaches past 35 minutes, ADCs actually have a chance at carrying, if they have had a chance to farm without being deleted by an Assassin constantly, or snowballed off of by a Lucian or Miss Fortune. However, with the weak Towers, the nerfed Baron, and the power invested in objectives, it's very hard to actually hold off an early game snowball team comp, once they have gained a lead. This provides the basis for what I believe will help both reintroduce the specific ADCs without buffing the shit out their early game directly, because that wouldn't be healthy either. ------ Here are some changes that have been repeated over and over in this echo chamber of the boards: "Nerf lethality" "Nerf Lethality ITEMS" "Remove lethality" "Don't introduce spear of Shojin or Atma thingy" (Thank god they didn't) "Buff towers" "Buff objectives" "Don't introduce the Rift Scuttler changes" "Buff Armor" (I added a few less related changes in order to explain that not EVERY idea the boards comes up with is bad.) Out of these opinions, I find a few of them to be good suggestions. ------- Nerfing lethality items is a good start. The damage doesn't actually come from lethality and flat armor pen itself, but the add-ons that the items have. Youmuu's ghostblade has a 6 second movement speed buff available in less than a minute after using it. Draktharr gives you vision management AND a hefty autoattack burst. Edge of night gives a spell shield that requires 1 second of charging. Despite Edge of night's already decent ability, it's not being used. Why? Because abilities like an extra 30-200 damage on hit that can be augmented, combined with 55 AD and 18 lethality, combined with abuse of Stormrazor, combined with so many other factors, all for 2900 gold, mean that you can get a lot of value, and more potential value, through buying a first item for AD Assassins. Of course, Stormrazor was intended for ADCs, which is a good joke, because only Jhin and MF can use it well. Most other ADCs use it to prevent themselves from dying, and keep themselves at a miniscule level of relevance in skirmishes earlier in the game, as a first item. ------ Next, buffing towers would be a good way to increase game length. I'm tired of 15 minute matches where one team has a 10 kill lead, even if that team is my own. "But wait wait! So many people complain that you can't solo carry, but others complain that you can't win as a team once a lane is fed. Why is that?" I think I've found the reason. The people that complain about not being able to solo carry don't roam as much, or aren't good at snowballing. Taking that advantage, and spreading it to other lanes that are stagnant can have a domino effect that end the game. If you're a Zed, but every other lane didn't do too well, and you didn't do anything but stay mid, sure you might get first tower, but you can't take down a tank, a support, an ADC, AND your angry midlane opponent. Unless you outplay them, you're not winning that shit. However, if a player feeds their opponent, and they roam a lot and snowball every other lane, it feels like once one lane feeds, the other lanes get fed too. That's a result of good snowballing, and that's where the problem with this "snowbally meta" comes from. As a result, buffing towers could at least give time to stagnate snowballing a little bit, and reduce its effectiveness when properly executed. It's like Riven. Once someone's good at her, it becomes very effective. If it's your first time playing Riven in anything above Bronze V, you're not gonna do it well. Buffing towers' damage AND health/armor/mr would enable turrets to be more effective at what they do. However, I find the farming patterns in minions to already be commonly adjusted to, so if damage is buffed, minions might have to have a passive that reduces the damage turrets deal to minions by x% or something. -------- Honestly, these changes alone might be enough, and nerfing ADCs that become overbearing as a result of these changes. This might help fix the state of the game a little bit, and reduce the amount of complaints across the board of both the game and the lol boards. In doing these changes, no direct buffs to ADCs that will inevitably lead to the "ADCs are broken again" argument when Riot finally decides to put these changes in action. That way, we can all be happy right off the bat.
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