Matchmaking Broken?

I understand that there is a different mmr for norms vs ranked, but as a high silver/low gold player I have now been put in nearly 24 games in a row where the enemy team has had a higher elo in ranked. I've had 5 diamonds and 3 plats in games against me just in my last 12. I'm sitting at 3/17 in my last 20 and i've never had any streak even close to that. I will say i'm playing kindred and evelynn who i am brand new to, so that has something to do with it, however i'd say about 3 lanes have won laning phase in my past 15 or so games (45 total lanes of course). Again, i've never been put in this many lopsided games in the 2 years i've played. Is there a way that maybe my mmr is broken and showing me as being a lot higher skill level than i am? I've not heard of that before, but this is getting to be pretty miraculous lol. Thanks for any help.
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