Fix Tryndamere with conqueror rune (also Garen with Grasp of the Undying and other top lane oddities

With the ill-advised Runes Reforged system, you completely upset years worth of balance in the game. This is especially true in top lane. The champion Tryndamere is taking the conqueror rune (an alleged "sustained damage" rune), hitting minions twice in three seconds, and then spinning onto the other person, gaining an AD boost and true damage crits at level 1 or 2. Unless you know to expect it, you will give up first blood. In fact Tryndamere is so strong in lane right now that, like a few other champions such as Zoe, you need to study and think critically about the match up not to feed. For one of the strongest champions in the game late game, this is very wrong. As I said your Runes Reforged system upset the balance of the game (I have played top lane since season 1), and you have been notably slow to fix it. Once upon a time late game champions had weak early games, early game champions were strong in lane (and not because of sustain and runes like Grasp of the Undying, Second Wind, and the new Doran's Shield, e.g. Garen, who is another problem). I don't see how top lane could be anything but a mess right now, as you completely overhauled the game without considering fundamental things such as that conqueror is not a sustained damage rune at all in lane. It is a strange gimmick that awards players for hitting minions every 3 seconds in order to efficiently trade damage with other players, and makes for a bad experience. Grasp of the Undying and Conqueror are so overpowering that they are blurring the lines between champions. It was a very poor choice to have made. Tryndamere has become the conqueror rune, Garen has become the Grasp of the Undying Rune. When I lose to them I don't think I lost to either of the champions, I think I lost to their runes, which create unintentional oddities in the game, such as Garens with infinite sustain and Garens and Renektons tower hugging against a Tryndamere (not that that will save you, another unintended consequence of Runes Reforged is that Tryndamere has conqueror up for his entire ultimate when he is invulnerable...simply an arbitrary change with nothing to do with the champion or the previous years of balance at all.) Change the conqueror rune and grasp of the undying rune and any other such runes to "in combat with champions for 4 seconds" and this will go a long way towards improving them. Of course I would scrap the whole system, as you have made a substantial error here. After over a thousand games in top lane, mostly in season one to three I think, I have a feel for the champions. You were opposed to the sustain in top lane, yet now we have a stronger Doran's Shield (unneeded), second wind (tolerable I suppose and comparable to older masteries, maybe) and Grasp of the Undying, which is being used as a burst attack and heal every four seconds in lane. Anyway I'm sure the list could go on of other strange imbalances you have created in top lane. To be frank I have not been playing it as much as I once did, cause every time I go there it's the same gimmicks. Tryndamere bursting me with a "sustained damage" rune, and then tower diving (against slow, weak towers) to deliver true damage crits to me for 6 seconds while invulnerable while my Garen or other once strong early game champion cowers in fear, as I wait for the inevitable late game where Tryndamere kills my team 1v4, Garen (or that man that hits me with Grasp of the Undying every 4 seconds...and has some other abilities too). Why is it taking you so long to close up this exploit, or did you intend for top lane to be based around the mechanic of hitting minions every few seconds so that conqueror and grasp of the undying are up? Didn't you consider the effect that this would have on champions such as Tryndamere who get free critical strikes? Or did you think the strongest late game champion needed to have a terrifying laning phase as well? I had a sample size of Garen vs Tryndamere match ups in my memory of hundreds, and after only two in this new League of Legends I am sick of it. Even knowing what to expect I can't defend against it. The damage when he tower dives is unreal, and the tower is so useless that sometimes he doesn't even need his ultimate. Tryndamere vs. Garen was never like this. Tryndamere was not a deadly champion in lane. His goal in lane wasn't to score kills, it was to be able to farm. Now he just bombs out the whole top lane, double kills junglers and mids, split pushes and needs a whole team to kill him. I've seen this with other players on my team too, and Tryndameres on my team as well. This champion is permanently banned by me in all my games. Nevertheless if it is not a significant risk to play Nasus and Tryndamere in the top lane, there is something wrong with the game. That is one of the building blocks of League of Legends. They are like Troll Warlords and N'aix's that can't be shut down, specially with the new bounty system. I went 8-1 against a Nasus in lane the other day as Talon, but that one kill gave him 1000 gold. Late game he was easily winning 1v4. Same thing can easily happen with Tryndamere.
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