In hoping to please mord mains you are giving him a ridiculous unreasonable amount in his kit

Watching the videos you released was mind numbing. Though the new kit mord was shown be getting looks cool and is cool, your giving him way to much. Way way to much. The damage is going to be ridiculous and you need to town this down. The levels of CC look stupidly high. All melee champions will be instantly crushed by him by the looks of it. The rioters in the video were like "We want to give the opponent ways to counter and play against his ult so it's not a one sided fight" then lists running and flashing away as far as possible from mord as the only counters. Then you say his ult will make him invisible mid fight and his opponent, so basically he ults their weakest player and uses his ult to escape any fights that dont favor him or gets an easy kill. I can not stress this enough riot, do not put that kit in the game. It's going to be broken at all levels.
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