I know I'm going to get downvoted to hell about this, but...

...Rengar rework was a failure. Players who have seen the new one in action complain about how tanky he gets and how slippery he is. Old mains hate how clunky and how different he is. He literally isn't the same champion now as he was before the rework. Totally different He's also unbalancable. And I think I know why. It's very hard to balance CC immunity on an assassin. It's also very hard to prevent % bonus AD from snowballing. Lastly, it's hard to balance heals that just give you back your health in giant chunks. Riot, you really need to re-rework Rengar unless you want a tanky CC immune massive healing monster on your hands. Gut him until you can, I don't care. Just rework him again. Or you could revert him. It's not like he killed people a lot faster, if at all, in his previous iteration. 2 cents on one of my highest mastery champs.

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