“Unfortunately for the live game, adcs/supports need to be broken to be played in competitive”

Disclaimer: I don’t want to make another thread about adcs being broken and stuff like that, I want to write about... why they’re in their current state. Just found an old Phroxz0n comment that made me laugh; look at the second post: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeBlancMains/comments/6wqe87/comment/dmax6n1 According to Phroxz0n (and not Riot Games itself even tho it’s pretty much Riot’s point of view too), botlane is indeed in a broken state and adc/supports are overtuned. But... they need to be like this because of Worlds. What the actual fuck? I mean, I’ve even stopped playing regularly because the game is everything but fun (and I’ll keep playing for decay only until preseason), and you care about worlds for... about a season? ADCs/supports have been in this state for like 10 patches, even more for some champions (cough twitch cough) and yet we’ve had nothing to fix the problem. Really, years ago it was “the game could not be balanced for a month because of worlds”, now it’s “the whole season is garbage, but during worlds you aren’t allowed to have fun because we need to have “”””””””exciting”””””””” games to watch.” Not asking you to fix your game, I’m asking you, Riot, to be transparent with the players and admit that making this game UNFUN to play for worlds’ sake is just a big slap in the face to a lot of live game players.
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