A Fiora Rework from a Fencer's Perspective @Vesh

http://i.imgur.com/5Kc4U8A.png ######Footnotes are context for non-fencers >About me: I fenced sabre for two years before switching to epee (the best weapon\*), around four years ago. ######\*the weapon you fence is always the best weapon. Unless it's foil or sabre. >The problems: 1. Fiora doesn't *feel* like a fencer. 2. Fiora has little counterplay. >For fencers: I'm going to be approaching this as if Fiora is an epee\*. Why? - Sabre and (to a lesser extent) foil are more about reflexes than strategy, compared to epee. - While I have some cool ideas for how you could implement right of way\*\*, there would be a real clarity issue for people who don't understand right of way (ie, most people), if Fiora is magically stronger some of the time. - The structure that right of way provides doesn't really seem to fit in league's structure. - Epee is what I know best. ######\*Fencers refer to ourselves as the weapon that we fence. ######\*\*Right of way tl;dr: you can only score a touch if you're on the offensive. >Observations about fencing - A bout is won/lost when you reach 5 (or 15) touches. - (Optional) Perhaps a stacking mechanism (passive?) would be appropriate? (not adding this right now because I don't think it's necessary) - A lunge is your primary means of getting touches on your opponent If you hit, both fencers go back to their starting positions If you miss, you're vulnerable - A parry is primarily a reactive/reflex move. Often you riposte afterward. A riposte is like a lunge, but because you parried first, your positioning is such that it's usually easier to hit a riposte. - If your opponent is better than you at the above, and/or taller, a common response is trying to force [infighting](http://youtu.be/PcGpA_uk3xk?t=1m24s). - Your objective is basically to step inside your opponent's guard, too close to be hit with their weapon. \>Important part: stay close to avoid damage - The high point of a bout is certainly when you get a touch with a [fleche](http://youtu.be/PXLeUSS2G_A)\*. Particularly if it's the winning touch. - A fleche is an all-or-nothing gambit that requires you to be fully committed to the action. ######\*Pronounced 'flesh,' >Proposed kit. Note: no numbers yet #Passive: As is, just because I don't have any brilliant ideas for it right now. Feel free to contribute if you think of one! #Q: Lunge Fiora dashes along a line. Any enemy champions hit are knocked back a short distance, dealt physical damage, and slowed by 50%. This slow decays over 2 seconds. If fiora hits an enemy champion, she rebounds off them, landing 550 units away in the direction from which she came (quinn E). (Optional): can apply on-hit effects. - Fiora now has an escape! (hard to be a melee carry without a way to avoid damage) - She also has ranged harass (something to do besides go in all the time). - However, if she misses, she's in a bit of a bind: near the enemy with no escape and missing some of her damage. #W: Parry/Riposte **Parry:** Fiora blocks the next AA in a .5s (adjustable) window. If it blocks an attack, Fiora can cast **Riposte**. **Riposte:** Fiora dashes to an opponent, dealing damage to them (same as current Q, but without double cast) - Fiora gets more, and more visibly, out of a successful parry (feels better). - Easier to bait parry (counterplay). For example, you can start to AA but cancel before it finishes, denying fiora the ability to riposte. #E: Burst of Speed Fiora temporarily gains additional Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Each basic attack she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed for 2 seconds, stacking up to 2 times, and reduces **Parry**'s cooldown. #R: Fleche Fiora dashes forward, past her target, dealing physical damage to them. The damage increases the lower the target's HP. - Great for dueling, but also provides some utility: - Can help you reach the backline in a teamfight (ult through the frontline) - If a jungler ganks you from behind, ult through them, then use lunge to rebound back towards tower. >On balance I intend w and e to be weak enough at early ranks that melee champs top should be able to win trades/all-ins with fiora if she tries to harass with lunge and misses. Otherwise she'd just max w and e and go all in on every melee top all the time, which would suck. >Laning patterns In bot lane, Fiora waits for the enemy adc to AA her, parries the attack, ripostes to them, does a couple AAs with burst of speed, then uses lunge to disengage. In mid, her pattern is the same if her opponent is trying to harass with AAs. If not, it's the same as in Top. Fiora will likely struggle in mid, because she has no real response to casters, besides killing them. In top, Fiora harasses with lunges from a distance until she's ready to go all-in with parry and burst of speed, saving lunge as a gapcloser if she needs to chase when they flee. >THERE WILL BE REVISIONS. Things aren't perfect the first time around. [I](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/zAfWqyEL-lets-talk-about-talon-and-give-him-back-a-healthy-silence) [know](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/lwBE8dal-lets-talk-about-talon-he-can-have-a-healthy-silence-part-ii) [this](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/FBahQVHO-lets-talk-about-talon-he-can-have-a-healthy-silence-part-iii). Please, give me feedback. *Thoughts?* --- edit >The most helpful feedback for me: It's often way more helpful to hear what parts of a champion's fantasy a kit is/isn't satisfying, than to get kit suggestions. If the kit suggestions work, they're really cool and helpful, but if they don't work, they're useless. Whereas, I can keep iterating until I come up with something that satisfies the part of a fantasy that you don't feel like you're getting right now. So, I promise I will read every one of your kits, and I will try to respond to everything, but this thread is getting to a size where I can't guarantee that any more.
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