My wish list for Season 8:

**Improved AP itemization** And no, I do not mean to simply "Buff AP". AP itemisation lacks diversity as every Ap champion, be it Assassin, Burst mage, Control Mage or your occasional AP Bruiser, builds the same items and there's not a lot of variety in their builds. Meanwhile AD itemization is extremely strong and there's an item for almost any situation. What AP itemization needs is: A) MORE items. Simply more items to fill certain niches. Like more durability for those fighting in chaotic skirmishes {{champion:131}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:68}} Evasiveness for those slippery bastards {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:245}} We need item choices that help AP champions adapt to certain situations and their own playstyles rather than just building items because they deal the most damage. B) Clearly defined strengths and weaknesses We do not need Morellonomicon-like items that are a 100% pickup and do not give a clear trade off. Item choices should be that: Choices There needs to be a tradeoff for wanting to be tankier and it'd be a loss of front up burst in favor of more DPS You would want more damage but it'll be like running around a battlefield wearing nothing but fancy lingerie. **Improved FIGHTER itemization** Fighters always had the problem of their items overlapping with other classes like Tanks, Assassins and the occasional ADC. What Fighter itemization needs is similar to AP items: Variety and more clearly defined niches. What I suggest are more items building out of {{item:3052}} We could get items that would allow some immobile Juggernauts to function in this game where CC and kiting reigns supreme. Maybe something that builds out of {{item:3052}} and {{item:3140}} and allows for situational CC cleanse We need more active fighter items as well, those who allow for skill expression and provide high moments of power on a Cooldown. It would allow Fighters to feel like more than just stat sticks but something that actual takes more skill to play. **Crit Rework** I have no idea how I'd do it but I would aim to make ADC damage scale more evenly with game time, truly delivering on their "late game scaling" fantasy. I would also introduce more diverse ADC itemization with dedicated Spellslinger, AA ADC and lethality adc items to support all these playstyles equally. We need more diversity bot lane and starting by giving Marksmen more clearly defined classes and strengths/weakness profiles would be a great start too! **More Power in Support kits, less in items** 'Nuff said. Playing support should be about the champions, not the items! Still, powerful actives that make for high moments are good design, just a tad too strong right now! Tl:DR: Just like a MMO grinder I want MOAR ITEMS!
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