Incentives for Solo Players to Play Flex Queue

Hey guys! I'm a Platinum solo-player, and I'm super excited about Solo/Duo Queue coming back because that's all I ever did anyways :P But as I was thinking about it, I realized that once Ranked Solo/Duo is live, I'll be playing that pretty much exclusively. That's fine for me, of course, but every group of 4 that plays in Flex Queue _requires_ a similarly-ranked solo player to be in Flex Queue. Similarly, every trio requires either a duo or two solos to be in Flex Queue instead of Solo/Duo Queue. My question is, will there be enough of them for queue times to be reasonable? The answer could totally be yes. There could be some reason I'm not aware of or a mentality that I don't have that would encourage solo and duo players to play in Flex Queue, and y'all could totally comment and say so. But if there isn't, what could Riot do that would make Flex Queue an enticing option for people who could be in Solo/Duo Queue? They've already mentioned that there will be rewards for people who climb both Queues, but as someone who plans to get those rewards, my mentality would still be to play Solo/Duo when I can and play Flex when I have a group. Would it be feasible to give solo/duo players a higher chance of getting their preferred role, or even guarantee it like in Team Builder? What would make you guys want to play Flex Queue alone?
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