Confirmed, Provisionals are ridiculous and should be removed

It's not like it is going to be hard to carry myself out of silver... I mean in the preseason I went from 0 LP S5 to S1 with only like 3 losses... just took a few days. Was trying to get to gold but just ran out of time. But I just won 8 out of 10 of my provisional matches... and got placed back in silver 4.... SILVER 4!!! Are you kidding me? How can you win 80% of your matches and be placed lower than you ended in the preseason. That's just dumb. Like I said, it's obviously not going to be hard to climb back up... just ridiculous that I will have to spend all that time, and play all those crappy games... just to get back up to where I should have been placed to begin with. Provisionals just need reworked or removed. Might as well just start everyone 3-4 divisions down from where the ended and not make them waste time playing those 10 games for nothing. #endrant
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