I don't know about you but this new ranking system S U C K S

Alright. I made a new account, this one in order to see how the entire rankings work. On a main account I was diamond 2 last season and honestly when I heard about the new ranking system I didn't wanna try it out straight up on that account so I made this one. Anyway, I played ten games and got to bronze 2. I ranked up to silver after a while and I don't know what happened but when I was helping my friend last season to get out of silver, that silver and this silver is on such a different skill level that it's almost illegal. People are taking my red buffs as 0/5 irelia toplane, they int over and over again with no plan on doing anything about the game, they don't wanna surrender a 1 v 22 game, they don't wanna do ANYTHING about the game except flame and I can't imagine how it's gonna be on my main account if such a drastic skill level is here in low elo. Why am I having struggle to win a silver elo game? I'm a couple of TIERS above them? What's going on Riot?
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