If a character can snowball and carry, they should not have tank stats.

Nasus, Illoai, Daius, Irelia, Shyvana, Urgot. Basically most of the juggernauts and half the fighters. If they snowball in lane, now there is a character with burst damage and some to huge tank stats. In bronze/silver I cant expect every time there is a snowbally character that my jungler will be smart and camp. Nasus has an ult that straight up gives him both health and armor and mr. Plus his burst damage tool becomes half cooldown so he can 2shot you faster. Just because my jungler doesnt gank me or the top lane, we now have an unkillable threat who can destroy our whole team, AND we have to also go for the other four characters. If you give an actual tank 10 kills, nothing happens, you give kogmaw or other dependent adcs ten kills, they can still be bursted. You give Darius ten kills, now he oneshots you and your spells and autos do nothing to him. Not every champ mentioned has the same exact problem, or get the same amount of tank, but all of them snowball to some level and can carry even though they are tanky. I think every champ that can carry should be able to be killed without an entire 5 teammembers waiting every spell on one person. Juggernauts are vital to stopping a second tank meta like what happened in 2014 but it is only a bandage. Juggernauts and other similar characters have too much pressure when fed. Riot can not expect the bronze.silver players to have diamond level synergy by chance. Its either I am versing a darius top goes uncontested because the junger just never shows up or I am the mid laner who gets oneshot because the darius top goes uncontested.
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