AKaLi Is BaLaNcEd Durrrr 41% wR

No. im sorry. This champion is broken beyond reason. Idc if her WR is low AF because shes a skill expression champ, and bad players plummet her average WR. I really don't care. Those players are irrelevant. Then you got Akali mains, who can 1v3, and come out of it essentially unscathed. Lvl 5 Nocturne+Lvl 6 Tahm+Lvl 6 Ziggs collapse on top lane Akali(With Tiamats+half of a gunblade). Tahm and Noc both at around 70%-80% health. Ziggs at 100%. Drops stealth. Sits in Nocturnes fear under stealth totally safe. Pops out, instantly murders tahm and Nocturne with 1 rotation+Tiamats. Dashes to Ziggs. triple kill, healed off of them more than she took damage from them. Watching this happen, the Ziggs, Tahm, and Nocturne didn't even do anything wrong to put the encounter into Akalis favor. The only thing they did wrong, was assume Akali is fcking balanced enough to where you can 1v3 her. kk BaLAnCeD.

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