Aram Ranked?

Why is there no ranked for Arams? Is it because people would actually stop playing ranked on the Summoner's Rift map? Look, I know Riot wants people to think that the Summoner's Rift ranked/map where the pros player(LCS etc) is this methodical, smart, professional style but it's not, it's really-really not. TFT came out and within a week........Ranked.... League of Mortal Kombat Legends is honestly becoming Arams but on Summoner's why not just stop with the foolishness Riot and create Ranked for Arams already?!? X. Cs'ing isn't as important as it once was. Freeze the lane? Push-Pull? Let the tower kill the minions and not destroy it? **Champions are the NEW minions** why try to last him minions when you can 1 shot champions and get like $600? Heck, every mastery is designed for you to fight 24/7. X. {{item:3340}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2056}} are becoming either eliminated from gameplay, and/or not as important. ( **Constant theme** ) by the time you actually get your complete finished ward item {{item:3092}} the game is already either A.) over or B.) You/enemy are stuck in your opposing bases having to defend. X. Sustain is becoming more and more useless or overall, taken out of the game. X. I can't speak for anyone or everyone but the only reason I ever played Normals/Ranked was so at the 30-40 min mark there would be an epic 5v5 teamfight to determine the game....arams you literally do that all the time. + Games today are decided at around the 15 min mark that you might not be able to actually have fun, play, or have a teamfight before the game ends. I know someone will be mad
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