Start new players in Bronze.

I have never seen an unranked player and thought, wow they are surprisingly good. I have only thought, "why is this morgana using redemption like a karthus ult, snaring backwards, chasing their adc, and hasn't ulted this game. Oh thanks to lolnexus, I know it's her 12th ranked game ever." Stop putting people who have played 10 games in high silver. It is especially frustrating when most of the players in silver right now were gold 5 to gold 3 last season and now they are being paired with a teammate that doesn't know to use active items. I have literally had an unranked janna that didn't know what a sight stone was. We lost. I have had an unranked lux that didn't know he ult had a range. We lost. I was just paired with a morgana that didn't know what redemption was, flashed under the enemies top laner to dive him and missed her Q and died. We lost. I've had top laners that were unranked and lose 10/0 in lane to gold top laners. We lost. HOW HARD IS IT TO UNDERSTAND RIOT People who are playing their first ranked games need to be placed in bronze. Period. If they are truly good, they can easily work their way up to where they belong in 100 games. Honestly, most of these players in their first season would not get out of Bronze if they started there, because they still have more to learn. Looking back on my first season, my first ranked game I played kennen adc. We lost. My second game I played Aatrox jungle. We went 1/14. I ended up going 6/4 in that opening placements I believe, putting me into Silver V. Unsurprisingly, I fed most games and ended up in bronze. That's where I belonged, and it's where I should have started. Now that I regularly have teammates who are in their first 100 games of league, I understand how frustrating and frankly broken it was that these silver players had me on their team. There is seriously no issue with placing new players in bronze. There is a massive issue with 1 in 3 games in gold MMR having players that are playing their 11th ranked game. Side note: I personally would prefer a system that doesn't have placements after each season. Players should start where they left off last season, or start 3-5 divisions lower. This is normally where they are placed anyway, but I remember 2 seasons ago finishing Silver 1 and then being placed in Bronze 4 because of 5 bad games, full of players from all random MMRs doing their placements. Placements aren't a good way to measure skill of a player. There are too many different players from all sorts of skill levels that your impact on the game is potentially far less than normal, or far more than normal if you are playing with 4 unranked players riot assumes are silver.

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