Tip for people who find AP assassin mids frustrating: Play Karma

I just like to remind people every once in awhile..... a 46% champ is the right choice: https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2900482994/243999882?tab=stats Solo'd everyone on their team without taking more than half health damage several times. Sometimes..... people need to realize a champ they think is a mage is actually an apc...... (And it's about to get more fun because of the rework :) ) {{sticker:sg-kiko}} To explain a little bit: I rarely ever try to kill someone with Q on Karma. It's not meant for that. Karma has a substantially long range auto attack and her Passive procs off it. I pretty much just froze in lane until fizz got frustrated and went bot to try to get "something." Then I start roaming, and doing a better job than he does. Was like 5/1/4 in lane. Never throw Q's that won't connect, and always be ready to W, follow with shield, and then Q on the rebound. Don't farm with Q. Auto attack. She is one of the best lane last hitters in the game. Personally I don't understand why she's getting a rework..... I can already do more with Karma than I can with a lot of newer champions. (I Solo'd the Kai Sa 4 times, because I can reposition on Karma more than she can reposition on Kai Sa...... which should say something. We have similar kits in all regards except her passive giving more damage, so she should have an edge, but that's just not what happens). She's more reliable than Evelynn at winning games..... and that's kind of sad to me. Evelynn = kill machine but no pressure. Karma = Nonstop lane pressure + kill machine.
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