how i got from bronze iv to plat Iv in a single season.

##a little of introduction: Hi there, my name is rawiazam1 and i'm currently a plat4 player in the eune server. I've been playing for about 2.5 seasons, where i finished season 6 at bronze(no idea which tier), season 7 at silver v, and my goal to this season is high plat/ low diamond. i got promoted to bronze iv at the beggining of the season and i was hard stuck silver/gold5 for the majoraty of the 2 seasons(around a year! and 800 games): note:this isn't an accurate graph since i didn't update my online profile when i was silver. however, when i started working on myself i started going up ranks with ease, and turned from the worst 5% of the players, which i was considered dumpster to the top 8%. while higher ranked player may look at this like "meh". But to me, it's a huge achievment. So i figured that i'll try to help you climb and tell you how i did it. especially, this part, where is started going up ranks really fast: --- ##What i changed: ##1. Mentality: This was probably the hardest and the most rewarding change i have made, i turned form a mentality of: "fuck riot and thier shitty matchmaking"(you can see it in my oldest posts) to "riot is cool, the only thing holding me back is me". This allowed me to focus more on myself and less on others/ranting on riot, which in turn made me better in league and a less toxic player. For all those who are sturggling with this part, i suggest you spectate your own games, look how you could've done things better and see how in "those" games, you could've carried and won. The matchmaking has nothing against you, most probably, even your enemy has shitty players. I remember in silver/bronze where everyone was flaming everyone, in those cases, just mute them all and focus on your play. ##2. champion pool: instead of trying to be better at everything, try to limit your champion pool to 2-5 champs that you like to play. this is good because when you master those champions, in order to get better, you have to be flexible and learn how to play against certain comps/champs, and also increase your shotcalling abilities. that's why one trick ponies tend to have easier time transitioning to other champs. ##3. roles: this one is pretty straighforward, some roles can carry more than others. a good support will never have the same carry potential of a good jungler, even if thier skills are the same. There's no shame of that, heres what i think are the roles that can carry the most: jungle>mid>adc>top>support. i was a top laner then i transitioned into a jungle main in order to have an easier time carrying, AND IT WORKED! edit: alot of people seem to miss what i ment cause of poor wording. I'll try to explain it better: what i mean is that a good support can't carry as much games as a good jungler **single handedly**. Since support gives most lane gold to the adc, if u have a bad adc. you can't really carry the game. but a jungler that gets shutdown gold left and right will have much more easier time carrying ##4. map awarness & predictions: maybe one of the most important aspects is to know what's going to happen next, knowing when you're about to get ganked is not enough. you need to track the enemy junglers, be able to make predictions about when & where a fight is going to break form minimap cues, which is very helpfull in order to countergank/ turn a fight if you're a jungler/ and champ with a global ult. in order to get better at this, i recommend watching some videos/streams of people playing games and trying to focus on the minimap instead of the game and try to make predictions. When trying to apply this on your games, you'll have to activley think of it at first, but then i'll becone a natural. ##5. shotcalling: this is by far the most important thing. it focuses on what you should do with a given information, and is probably the hardest to get better at. my best tip is: with combination of (2), try to think what you could have done better after every death AND every won teamfight/fight; maybe you could've taken less damage, got a double instead of a single kill. instead of living and getting a kill, dying but getting 3. a turret or a friend?. there are alot of things you can think of that you coud've done better at. try to analyze your plays when you're getting back to base/ waiting to respawn. ##6. translating a lead into objectives: everyone who says objectives > kills is obviously wrong, since i rarely see a team win when they have less kills. but the most important thing, is if you got a lead in a form of kill/drake/baron. you need to know how to transition this lead into objectives. which is the most importaint thing. if you get to decide between 2 kills or 2 turrets, go for the 2 turrets since they give more gold to you and to your team. that's why kills
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