Riot, I am deeply disappointed

This isn't a rant. It is simply a claim, or rather a fact based on what you did and what you didn't do in the past months. The game became unplayable for many people. Literally. It drops fps to 0, disconnects for seconds then crashing with a critical error. it isn't just a unique problem for a few people or a single region. Just look at the boards of different regions. There are several topics about these issues right now and have been for months. It has been months since players reported them, yet you haven't done anything. Tell me that you didn't have the time, the money, the resources to fix these critical issues. Please, come up with the regular excuses and make me laugh. Somehow, you could afford to release new skins and champions and all that stuff in the meantime. You had the manpower and all the needed resources for that. Apparently, you just don't have the resources to provide your basic service to your customers. Customers who bought skins, emotes, etc. in order to use them in your working game. I never had the illusion you actually care about our opinions or anything but I thought you care about our money enough to not let the game become like this. I wonder how you think that I will buy anything for a game that doesn't even work. Shame on you. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}

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