Riven isn't actually that "terrible" to verse, in theory. [READ]

BEFORE YOU DOWNVOTE, READ THIS THREAD Riven compared to Yasuo or Fizz is honestly a lot less worse, and here's why. Yes Riven has the "cancer" kit, obviously, but Riven is acually in a surprisingly balanced state at the moment! (compared to season 3... oh god) Secondly, Riven CAN'T go tanky, or she'll deal no damage. Not like other... -COUGH- -AIDS- {{champion:157}} Third, Riven has no "insane" aids ability, unlike Yasuo or Fizz, - [THE E], and instead is aids all around. Riven is surprisingly, one of the better champions to verse over Fizz and Yasuo, or all those tank assassins.
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