10 Bans When? Who would you ban?

Right now, champion banning is only determined by 3 people of the 5 in a team. There are 134 champions and only 6 bans. So what, only 4% of the champions not allowed? Whatta hell. Wouldn't it be better if each person could ban one champion that either they hate or don't want to lane against? Also if there were 10 bans, here would be my preferred bans. {{champion:51}} - Stupid ass range, the traps are ridiculous and her passive is free damage for whatever reason {{champion:122}} - Just annoying overall, would rather not deal with. {{champion:81}} - One of those if on your team they do nothing, on enemy team they are gods paradoxes. {{champion:39}} - Broken champion, build armor you're fucked, build health you're fucked, build tenacity, you're out {{champion:92}} - Another paradox, feeds if on your team, does otherwise if on the enemy team. Also retarded kit, an AD scaling shield, numerous dashes, hard CC, if you beat her she leaves, if you don't, she chases you no problem. {{champion:157}} - Paradox champion. {{champion:64}} - Overloaded kit, just delete him already. {{champion:412}} - Overloaded, don't delete, just take away some cc. {{champion:164}} - Overloaded, stop the scaling with on hit effects on the true damage. {{champion:12}} - Couldn't think of any other champion so the cow gets it. 10 bans when Rito?
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