I like it when Riot designs champs around being counters

e.g {{champion:39}} being a strong choice into ADC+enchanter combos, {{champion:48}} demolishing one-tank team comps, {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} obvious, {{champion:78}} anti-mobility, etc i think these champs create much more interesting gameplay than ones who are only designed around very vague parameters like certain assassins, where it boils down to "you're squishy? you're dead. oh, you've got a support? i'm dead" Evelynn is my exception to this, because she's actually got a pretty interesting niche as an AP assassin who does really well into AP comps because of her MR shred; champs who _enable_ stuff that normally isn't what you'd pick is also really cool, and I think those 2 things should be what -most- champs come to be designed around; either by shutting down an enemy playstyle or by enabling something else. for instance, I thought Nasus was a lot more interesting when he was a much stronger pick into AD/attack-speed focused compositions, even if I think they should approach it differently now I'd still probably ask for a return in that direction; as he is right now, he's kind of a generalized pick who just winds up being really good if he's good at all. I think a lot of supports in particular would benefit from something like this, Enchanters especially, because they're a very homogenized group that can basically be boiled down to "a shield and/or heal, some CC, a movement buff and an on-hit effect" and this covers just about all of them. most of what makes them pickable isn't really any identity any of them might have, but whether or not their numbers for these particular things are the best, or if they have the best synergy with a certain item. Making them strong options into more specific circumstances would IMO do them a lot of good, same goes for a big chunk of the roster that tends to get shuffled out of meta pretty easily for most of the same reasons. (divers and vanguards)) tl;dr counter pick is good for the game

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