Tahm Kench Passive Addition/Rework - "The Gambler's Bargain"

In addition to his current kit: New Passive - Gambler's Bargain At the beginning of the game, Tahm Kench can designate one ally as the "Gambler". Gambler's Bargain is applied whenever Tahm Kench is within 1200 units of his designated Ally. Q - Whenever Tahm Kench hits an enemy champion with Q - _Tongue Lash_ , both Kench and his designated Gambler ally can apply stacks of An Acquired Taste to the enemy champion (Duration 5 seconds); additionally both Tahm Kench and his ally gain the bonus on-hit magic damage based on Tahm Kench's _An Acquired Tasted_ passive to that enemy champion for 5 seconds. E - Whenever Tahm Kench activates his E - _Thick Skin_, if within 1200 units of his ally, Tahm Kench and his Ally equally share the Thick Skin shield. E - Whenever Tahm Kench is within 1200 units of his Designated Ally, he gains (5, 8, 13, 16, 20) flat bonus movement speed. This bonus is only active when E - _Thick Skin_ is _not_ on cooldown or activated. R - Tahm Kench can choose to target his designated ally with his ultimate, overriding the the usual range limitation and granting the designated ally a shield (+45 to +185 depending on level) + (.5% to 1.5% Tahm Kench's maximum HP) for 3 seconds. At the end of the normal animation time, Kench appears directly underneath his designated ally and immediately W - _Devour_'s his ally, gaining flat 20 bonus movement speed and +50% _Tenacity_ for 3 seconds. If Tahm Kench target's his designated ally with Abyssal Voyage he _cannot_ bring another ally along on the journey. If Tahm Kench is _not_ within 1200 units of his Designated Ally, E - _Thick Skin_'s grey health generation and regeneration is cut by 50%. If Tahm Kench is _not_ within 1200 units of his Designated Ally, that Ally's Attack Damage/Ability Power (Adaptive) is reduced by 3 to 39 (Based on Tahm Kench's level)
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