Making Jinx's Switcheroo smoother to use

Hi folks, i'm posting an idea with hopes that a rioter could see it. The thing could be considered as a tiny buff regarding how often you could switch stances with Jinx's Q. Let me explain the problem : Sometimes, usually in the later stages or the game of if you get *really* excited early, you would want to switch stances just for 1 auto then go back to the other. However, when you have a huge AS, the 0.9s static cooldwon doesn't allow you to auto once then switch back, the next auto comes out before the CD goes off. Alright, it **might** not seem a lot to you while reading this, but I've encountered the situation often enough for me to make a post about it. The thing is, maybe if you are a Jinx user, you would want to use in an optimal manner her different attack animations (for kiting mainly). Let's say you are kiting a Kassadin with pow pow in a huge teamfight and an ennemy Darius isn't very far from you, then the Kassa became so low that he teleports away with less than one of your auto worth of hp. However he is in Fishbones range. You would like to get in Fishbones stance to execute Kassa, then go back to pow pow to kite Darius. Whether you get your reset or not (Kassa has zhonya or a sudden shield or anything), you will need to have your next auto to be from your minigun. And if you feel, like me, than the toggle is more intuitive than it is, you might believe that you're back to pow pow, but you aren't, and you have lost the bonus AS from the first rocket so your attack animation is too slow, the Darius gets you with his grab and R.I.P. I agree it is a very special situation, but it can happen multiple times in one game and it might occur during the decisive fight. That is why i'm proposing something to make Switcheroo feel more responsive : **Make the Toggle CD scale down with attack speed**. Let me clarify : -I believe the technology for this is on point, as Yasuo's Q is a clear example of what i propose. Also, these little 'scales down with AS' changes seem to be quite popular right now (Xayah, Lucian (or is it with level?)). -It would make easier to use Switcheroo to get something like a reset (the situation i just described), or something else (poke someone in lane with Fishbones then grab that juicy gold with pow pow on the 2hp-left minion next to you without damaging nearby minions, etc.) -Also, i do think this would make the ability feel more intuitive. Smoother. As a Jinx lover myself, who likes to think that she is my spirit animal, I have to say I feel like the CD *should* scale down with AS to truly fulfill her fantasy of Gun-crazy-chick-who-yells-and-murder in teamfights or when excited. Little disclaimer, but I don't know if it's even relevant : I understand that some could fear that Q-spamming could cause mistakes regarding the stance you are in/you think you are in (i'm not asking for a zero second CD though, i heared it could be OP, neither an auto reset when switching, just a reasonably decrease with AS). However, I remember that there was a (short) time, a year ago or so, when Jinx could use Switcheroo while hard CCed. Not only do I find it a good idea, but also it could prevent someone from spamming Q after the hard CC and thus making a stance mistake. It was eventually removed, though. Having it back could be a solution in case my proposition is accepted (and even if not! ;)). **In short : Make Switcheroo's cooldown scale down with attack speed.** What do you think? Have a good day everyone :) EDIT : {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} EDIT 2: I just answered this to a comment, to be clearer about the issue i'm targeting as opposed to a potential 'intended weakness' which is not the point here : The main issue here is not being able to choose which will be you 2nd auto just after you switched a stance when ou have high attack speed. When you're locked in one stance but you don't get to auto yet, it doesn't matter because Q will get off CD before your next auto (that is in early game) so it smooth and all. However, as the game progresses (and your passive procs), you litteraly **lose** that smoothness : whenever you switch stances you are locked in one stance for the two or three next autos, and this can hurt a lot your -positionment : as you were used to get the attack animation you wanted for the 20 minutes of the game, and Fishbones' is way longer than Pow Pow's. -timing : same thing with attack animation being different -CSing or anything related to 'i used a splash damage auto because i had to not because i wanted to'. The issue is, when you have high attack speed and the autos after the first are not necessarily of the type you want (whereas for all the rest of the game it was the case), and if you have to micromanage your autos, whether you have to wait and lose one or two autos (which is 1000+ worth of damage lategame (before armor mitigation)) or you just put yourself in danger without expecting it because you act as if you did switch stances. In my case (as a psycopath-lover myself) i'm not that rarely surprised to see that i didn't switch stances, because when I play a very excited Jinx i feel like it would be 'normal' for her to quickly switch weapons when she attacks at a high rate, which is not the case, that is why is feel a little QoL would be really nice! Sorry for the loooong post :D Have a good day!
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