Fair Match ups. Why aren't there any?

I have been playing for a long time. I have noticed that its very hard to win many games in a row. I have also noticed that the more you win, the more unfair the teams become, also with the more you lose. If you win more, you play against stacked teams and have lower people to carry, and the more you lose, the more chances you will get a stacked team and play against a bunch of scrubs. Why can't league figure out how to put SILVER PLAYERS WITH SILVER PLAYERS!!!! BRONZE WITH BRONZE!!! GOLD WITH GOLD, PLAT WITH PLAT and STOP THE FUCKING BLEEDING OVER of divisions because its stupid when I am placed in so high of an MMR rank that I have to carry a team of scrubs vs a team of people 1-3 divisions higher, all because I am being punished for playing well, and Riot wants to put me in my place to show me that I am not good enough to win a 9v1 or a 2v8 but I have one a 4v5 because all it takes is a couple good players on your team to make the difference. This MMR and matchmaking system still sucks ass and it should better than it is. People should not have to play against unevenly stacked teams just because they are winning by playing well. Dumb stuff guys. _____________________________ By the way my match history has some of this in it. And although its not as extreme as SOME of the games I have seen in the past, you can notice the games where I have lost were stacked against me, and the games I have won were stacked in favor by RANK.
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