Anyone know how to get an S rank on Warwick, or any Jungler for that matter?

I am currently climbing ranked for the first season since I have been playing since Season 5, and I currently main Warwick with(At the time of writing this) 34 games on him and a 74% winrate. I have climbed with him out of Silver 5 and am currently in Gold 4. My problem is I cant get an S for the life of me. I have been Mastery 6 with him for most likely 15+ games with him and I havent gotten one S or S+ for a Mastery 7 Token. The last four games I have played with him I have done extremely good on him, with going positive every game and only dying six times at most, getting thirteen kills and eight assists that game. I have great map pressure, i'm constantly all over the map, I even buy mobi boots to get around faster, and with maxing W first, I fly like a fucking Hecarim in Season 5 when homeguards were still a boot enchantment. The only problem I can really see, and I dont really know how to improve as a jungle main, is my CS per game. I have an average 58.0 CS on Warwick, according to OP.GG, which is terrible. I dont really know how much CS impacts endgame ranks for a jungler, but it must impact a shit ton. If anyone could help me figure it out, and/or give me tips on how to improve my CS as a jungler(I already know taxing, but laners flip their shit if I try to take minions often). Thanks! Here is my OP.GG btw -

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