Solo Queue should be just that, solo. no duo no nothing

Duos feel very irritating to play against or with. - You're playing top against a top/jgl duo? better not even attempt to think about trading with your enemy laner or you get ganked and then dove when you tp back, your turret's gone, your laner's roaming and your team is flaming you. - You're playing adc with a top/jgl duo? You get no pressure whatsoever, if the enemy jgler has half a brain, it will be very difficult for you to just stay even in CS. and if you get caught by a gank and the enemy draven now kills you with 2 axes? it's your fault and your team flames you. not to mention the discrepancy created by non premade bots fighting premade bots. Just remove it. You wanna duo? play flex, it's simple.
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