ADC is not a fun role

I have been an ADC main since I first started playing, and I have enjoyed my role, practiced a lot at improving my kiting, farming, and wave manipulating abilities and teamfight positioning over the last two years. I really love the bot lane characters as well. That being said, being an ADC main is like pulling teeth. You don't feel in control of your destiny in the slightest. Either your team feeds you or your team pushes you to feed. There is no balanced bot lane duel, where I can use my skill to outlast an early game lane bully and scale with my hypercarry. No, I am but a toddler at the mercy of my estranged parents, the support and the jungler. It doesn't matter if I can outplay the Draven. My support will go in and get shanked by Blitz and feed kills. It doesn't matter if I try to play safe and farm up to make up for my mistakes or my support's mistakes. My jungler is busy camping the top lane and is too busy to care that Tristana and Lux are whittling away at our hp and our turret and will have it down at the 10 minute mark. My stats look so ugly or so impressive, it is rarely anything in the middle - feast or famine. I am an Ashe and Caitlyn main and I know those champions inside and out. I don't go 0/5/0 at 15 minutes. Except in this season, apparently. See, unlike the solo lanes, I am not just reliant on my own skills and map awareness and the occasional gank from my friendly neighborhood jungler. I am reliant on my support not being an autofilled troll or the weak link with the Bronze 6 MMR. I am reliant on the jungler deciding if bot a is real or imaginary lane. Sometimes I do play poorly, and when I do, the blame is on me. But I know I don't play that badly. I'm not the greatest but I'm not a habitual feeder. Except my stats would indicate otherwise this season. Last game I had a Rakan who was hitting my minions, diving a Jhin/Lux kill lane, and when Jhin ulted me, Rakan (with full health, by the way) walked out of lane and into the tri brush **even after I had managed to dodge the first three shots** and let me die on the fourth. I don't understand what I'm expected to do. I love being the glass cannon character. I enjoy having to think ahead and it often pushes me to play at my very best, knowing I can be deleted by almost any champion if I'm not in the zone. But lately it all seems irrelevant. Nothing I do matters. If I get a quadra kill, it's because I had a decent jungler who fed me early and the other team didn't. If I go 2/9 it's because no amount of farming and playing safe in anticipation of a late game spike can help me catch up with the enemy ADC who got fed off my inting support. This is not me complaining about the players I get on my teams. I know everyone has to deal with their share of trolls and boosted players. This is me lamenting that my proficiency as an ADC player has little to no effect on how well I do in my matches. **I have no way to gauge my skill because nothing I accomplish is in my control.** I know there are going to by high-and-mighty gold ranked players telling me to "git gud scurb", but that advice never helped anyone and I honestly don't believe my skill is the problem. I feel like I can't carry as an ADC. All I can do is make myself as carryable as possible. This isn't some "ADC in 2k18" meme. I'm just feeling exhausted and helpless in this role.
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