Does anyone feel outplayed when killed by a LeBlanc?

Because I sure as hell don't feel outplayed when I die from a point-click Q-R-W after beating her in lane and having 50% more cs. I don't want to make a discussion about her balance state, I want to make a discussion about her toxicity. Her entire kit is incredibly toxic. Again,** _not OP, but toxic_**. I noticed that I am not mad at all when killed by many of the newest champions, and most times I think "I screwed up" or "damn that was a good play by him" and I think RIOT has done an excellent job giving us clear counterplay to them. Then there is LeBlanc (and others, let's not discriminate) who just stat checks you all game long, and causes nothing but frustration to her opponents. Even when you kill her, you gain only a small bit of satisfaction knowing that it will only stop her for less than a minute, after which she'll be back to killing you every time you dare look at her in the wrong way. I'm not trying to say she should stop being such a good assassin (someone needs to keep the Kog'maws in check) but she just doesn't meet the current standards of the game. I want to hear your opinions. Don't just upvote/downvote but leave a comment, this is a discussion and I want to know other people's point of view. Thanks for your time.
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