Riven has been under-performing for the past 3 patches struggling at a 48% winrate

https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/riven/all She's the lowest Winrate bruiser right now. She hovered at 52-53% for a good 2 years and is now down to 48% winrate Riven hasn't really been all that amazing since the introduction of the new runes system, but the last few patches it has become more noticeable. There are high elo Riven players constantly saying she isn't in the best right now & it is obvious to see why. There is no reason to pick her because most of the other champions with similar playstyles are just better than her. **Why is she bad?** * She doesn't have a keystone rune that is a "stand out" on her. Every single keystone is just mediocre on her * Her itemisation is incredibly weak * Her Scaling into the mid-late game is bad compared to every other bruiser. ------------ **Rune Choices** One of the big problems Riven has is that she doesn't have a defined keystone rune. Every keystone rune kinda just feels mediocre on her, but there is definitely nothing that stands out. The most notable thing is that she doesn't have a viable rune in the mid-late game. Other bruisers either either use Conqueror/PTA to maintain their power in the mid-late game ( {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:240}} ) or they have true damage/arm pen scalings on their abilities ( {{champion:114}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:157}} ) Just to take a look at the runes she can use: * Electrocute; This rune is terrible in lane vs bruisers since you cannot burst them & mid-late it is extremely bad. * Comet/Aery; Mediocre runes in lane but they fall off way to hard in the mid-late game to be viable. * Press the Attack; Riven doesn't auto attack enough to proc the rune. * Conqueror; The wind up time is too long for Riven to activate & then maintain compared to other bruisers. * Aftershock; The cooldown is too long for her to take the rune & resolve tree just feels horrible on her. **Basically, Riven does not have any way of scaling into the mid-late game** ------------------- **Itemisation** Again over time she has been dealt the back hand with constant nerfs to the itemisation she uses. She relies on armor penetration to deal damage, but with all the constant nerfs to lethality & armor pen she no longer has the damage she needs. * Ghostblade; is mediocre but only really purchased due to the active movespeed letting her get onto her targets easier. * Duskblade/Edge of Night; are garbage items now & she can't use either well. * Last Whisper; isn't even worth buying. The arm pen it gives is so little that even vs a full armor tank it makes little difference. * Lifesteal items (hydra/bloodthirster); Virtually useless ever since the introduction of bramble vest/thornmail grievous wounds. Right now she is in a spot where she either builds full lethality, becomes glass cannon & still struggles to 1 shot the carries or she builds like a bruiser to survive a little longer but deals no damage. Once again you can see the trend, the items she purchases do not give her good scaling into the mid-late game. -------- Her decline in winrate is most likely being ignored because the majority of players think she is "OP" due to that one Riven that popped off in their games, but seriously she needs some help. Riven is under performing heavily compared to what she was capable of in the past.
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