Best example why matchmaking is broken (in lower elos)

**My Dia Account** -> 11 games winstreak with Voli. -> 23 wins in 28 games. **My Smurf Acc in Gold1** -> cant even win 3 games in a row If you dont play a hyper carry in low elo, you're just being thrown around and the only thing you can do is pray that this gambling system dont gives you another uneven game. Listen, i dont wanna complain that i cant climb with my smurf. Actually i am part of the problem, because i am one of these smurfs in low elo that makes the game so uneven and unfun. What i wanna say is that i can totally understand the pain you're going through in Plat and below. Its literally elohell. This System isnt able to create even games like i have in Dia now. Strangely enough, as soon as i hit Dia in got only even games. 5 D4 around 53% winrate vs 5 D4 around 53% winrate. Almost every game! And suddenly i could influence the game and felt i have impact to the game. My winrate actually INCREASED after i hit Dia from 48% to 52% (its changes very slow because i needed a LOT of games to get there). And that is the point. If you dont play a meta hyper carry but maybe an off-meta brusier or tank. You need A LOOOOT of games to hit higher elos because you are related to your team and the teams are uneven. In Dia+ its actually possible to carry with tanks as you can see, because people know how to assist you in junge/at scuttle and they follow if you engage and because teams are even. But to get there... pure agony!!
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