I voice from a silver 5 player

I have to say. Ranked is horrible. I may not be great at the game. Maybe everything I say might be irrelevant because of my rank, but hear me out. Last season, I was silver 3. That is the highest rank I have achieved since the start of season 5. I went through the shit show of dynamic queue. For 4 months straight, I sat at silver 3. Never went up, never went down. Every game I would get boosted golds, or no one competent at all. Now, all those boosted golds and semi-high elo players are flooding low silver tier, and it is the same shit all over again. I make no progress. I win one day, the next day I'm back where I started. Then Riot, you bring back solo queue, which was GREAT, but why autofill? I saw no difference in queue times, just a decrease in my game quality. Dynamic queue times were stupid lets be real, but sacrificing queue times for game quality is WRONG. Also you cannot say that queue times decreased. Did you factor in all the dodges? 3-4-5 dodges per champion select that someone gets autofilled? That increases time. Also don't give me that sad excuse "just learn every role and get good". I, in fact, can play every fucking role in this game, well. I remember I queued bottom/mid and I got autofilled top, and the person who queued top as their primary role got support? What the hell is that shit? The whole system is screwed up. Don't tell me for one god damn second that the queue health is satisfactory.\ EDIT: Might have been some miscommunication. I am not stating that I am the better player, nor am I trying to imply that I am really good at this game. I have to improve still. What I am trying to say is, if I improve or get a million mastery points on "X" champion, I can't carry myself because of the way the game is working out to be. Even if I get ahead in the game, my team still brings me down and it is hard to carry. Yes, I need to get better at this game, but at no point am I trying to prove that I am better and shouldn't be in this elo. I am saying that, even if I was improving and did really well in "x" game, I still can't win because of someone not knowing how to play "x" role due to autofill and the imbalance of elo where a bronze bot lane versus a gold bot lane. It is a team game at best.
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