Logic doesnt apply to Lucian

I've always been told Lucian is a strong early game champion that falls off the longer the game goes. Well here I have 2 examples, first one in which I was 7/1 with Kaisa and Lucian was 1/3 and another one from the late game where Lucian is supposed to fall off with his stupid bork, black cleaver build. https://imgur.com/a/OgGVWn6 https://imgur.com/a/jozTIbP In the first example, had Evelynn not been there, I would've died with a 7/1 adc to a 1/3 adc and in the second one, he basically auto'd me twice + Q for a full life burst in 2 sec. I've always known bork as an on hit item for adcs that rely on autos and build a lot of attack speed, but why does it work on a champ that is focused on burst damage, it makes no sense. Also Lucian with bork, black cleaver, tabis and phantom dancer is the tankiest goddamned adc in the game, why is an adc allowed to tank so hard, he has low range, yes, but there are other adcs with low range that are not even close as tanky as Lucian is and most of them need to land consistent autos to deal damage, not a fucking Q double auto=kill. Lucian was strong before with this build and Riot eventually nerfed him, now they buffed him again to repeat the mistake they had already made some time ago, wtf.
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