Is it just me, or does Xayah and Rakan's synergy feel "forced"?

So it's obvious with the interactions and buffs that they can give each other that they're meant to be a synergy. RiotScruffy even said on a reddit post that it works like {{champion:236}} {{champion:201}} in terms of how it plays. But unlike synergies like that or {{champion:82}} {{champion:53}}, where the support indirectly makes the adc stronger (whether it be covering weaknesses or like lucian's case where he can proc 2 stacks of braum passive), Xayah and Rakan's synergy is forced by the small buffs rakan gives to xayah. This isn't due to kits being compatible, it's literally "use this on her and it's better". That seems somewhat lazy in terms of making champs compatible and honestly feels like another attempt to "shake up the meta" at bot lane. Am I alone on this?

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