Potential of additional colorblind modes.

Riot is a company who have claimed to care about clarity as seen with the heavy backlash received from Lancer Blitz skins needing to keep his waddle for clarity sake. They've also shown concern with colorblindness as such when Tahm came out or Pulsefire Caitlyns R laser being near invisible. Now there is an issue with colorblind mode that's rather impactful. It's red-green exclusive. As someone with Blue-Yellow colorblindness this mode can make things worse overall instead of helping and with problematic particles (typically green) it does nothing. Fighting something such as a Zombie Brand, Cassiopea, Tyrant Swain, Hazmat Heimer, Kog'Maw (You get the point) simply sucks. I did make a post in the past about how I used custom skins to bypass the issue however that's no longer acceptable by Riot standards and it's either play handicapped or risk a ban. I support the decision as custom skins can actually be quite unfair in some circumstances such as making skills much more outlined. What I'm personally wanting to come out of this post is awareness at a huge issue with colorblind mode as it's heavily lacking. Creating a new colorblind mode to make up for what the current one is missing. It's not uncommon for games to have multiple modes and it is a bit surprising one of the biggest games in the world lacks this feature.

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