Remember when you had a 1v1 laning phase top lane that lasted longer than 2:30 minutes?

Right now lane ends the moment junglers show up lvl 3 at 2:30 with double buffs and full health while im still lvl 2. Its fun being a sack of gold/free snowball ticket for the other jungler, i also like my top lane matchups being decided by which jungler ganks top lane first with the broken powerspike. "but just play safe BRUH", yeah let me sit at tower until they slow push a big wave to dive and then im out of the game, what if im playing a early game champ vs say, nasus? Just let him free farm because junglers exist and are broken? "just dont play the game" is not acceptable counterplay. Make it so junglers cant gank that early by increasing the camps damage to champs, massively reduce the Exp from first clear, idk do something to stop this bullshit, let me actually have a 1v1 top lane for once.
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