Is Tryndamere a candidate for a rework?

His kit is old, stale, and has little to no counterplay. The only effective way to deal with him is to either counterpick him ({{champion:24}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:75}}{{champion:17}} {{champion:10}} ) or build {{item:3047}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}}. I wish that there was more to Tryndamere than just splitpushing, because he's a god amazing split pusher and duelist, but at the same time makes teamfights a 4v5. And you often will need more than just 1 person to duel him out due to the fact that his ultimate give him 6 seconds to do whatever the hell he wants unless he got hard cced. Overall an unenjoyable experience to play with and play versus.
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